Niki's Knocker

Niki's Knocker

Site specific design and fabrication in stainless...

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Stunning Stephen!

I absolutely love this knocker! The twisted tube is somewhat hypnotic the longer I look at it... great work Stephen! Regards, Andre

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Niki's Knocker

Stephen Fitz-Gerald
thank you Andre,
The client will be here tomorrow.
I sent her images of it and she's very excited (always a good sign)...
This yet another piece to add to her growing Fitz-Gerald collection.

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Stephen Fitz-Gerald
I must report the client though initially overwhelmed (in a positive way),tried it on her doorway and finds it too masculine and imposing...
Now normally I'd have little compassion for this type of rejection after the fact,and also since I kept her apprised of the design and progress every step of the way...
But this is no ordinary client ,but a dear friend,who already has a house full of my stuff.
So she's perhaps the only one in the Universe who can change her mind with the weather and I'll accept it...
So of course now the dilemma is what to do with this SITE SPECIFIC PIECE.Looks like it's going on E-bay...
It was a $500 commission so I guess we'll start the bidding there...
This goes to show that you can never predict an outcome on a piece even if you know it's good by your own standards and "follow the rules". Fortunately she's not asking for her money back nor is she trying to get me to make another piece. but I know myself and it won't be long til I try my hand at it again...

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Super work of art, you are

Super work of art, you are one the best. Anton