A railing that I have been working on

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A railing that I have been working on

This is one side of a handrail that I have been working on. Now just waiting on good weather to install it. There are 2 hand rail that go with it. I have to wait to get the railings installed to fit the hand rails.

They are heat colored over rough sand, linseed oil while warm and many layers of clear. The base has to be core drilled and I have to wait until the weather won't be below freezing for a couple of days. The flower inset matches a design in the front door and is 1/4" sq bar all hand forged

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Hi RL Your railing looks


Your railing looks nice. I like the coloring, will you clear coat it or does it get painted?


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Clear coat

Nice work - am curious about the finish, as I'd love to leave outside work with an "as forged" finish but don't trust lacquers like I trust paint (or galvanising, obviously)- what is the clear coat you put over the linseed oil? And is this something you've done in the past and it's kept the rust off well?
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I really hope they don't

I really hope they don't decide to paint this. I have put 3 coats of clear on it so far. I will do at least 1 more. I am using rustoleum gloss clear on this one. I have had pretty good luck with it in the past.

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