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Very Nice Nelson

Your copper BBQ is beautiful. Did you build the whole structure???? I love the wrapping of the beams.Is it a commercial space or private residence???? Thanks for sharing SteelyJan

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Hi Jan, The shingles, floor

Hi Jan,
The shingles, floor tiles, and granite tops were done by someone else. The beams were initially plain structural steel and looked dull, so we had to give them texture using a synthetic compound, plenty sanding and paint to simulate wood. The wraps are of steel to appear as ropes. The BBQ is sort of light sheet hammered and painted, NO copper, too expensive said the client. All the rustic yellowish bricks everywhere are actually foix. Here`s where the work was tedious, turning plain flat walls,the bar,etc into something more atractive. The only real bricks are the ones on the three short walls of the furnance supporting the Cu looking piece. There I took advantage of those reddish bricks to do a cement work finish that looks like fallen off plaster as it`d happen to a place exposed to heat for years. The pics dont show the place finished. We did the bar stools using steel bars,wraps, and granite so they would be in armony with the whole thing. Yes, it`s a private
house. The residence owner is a riot, very friendly and joking guy. He wanted to hang the name of his pub on some piece of wood and metal so I did that for him. The name he chose was: TASCA GAO, which separately means GAO`s PUB, but when you read it all together it would be TASCAGAO right ? which in Spanish is a short for "ESTAS CAGADO" meaning: "you shit on you!" Let me tell the guy is something else.Thanks and I`m glad you like it. Nelson.