jelly rail 2

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jelly rail 2

jelly rail 1jelly rail 1

Heres a few pics of the Jelly rail. It will get a wooden cap rail and glass pannels.

jelly rail 2jelly rail 2

jelly newljelly newl

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Really outstanding design,

Really outstanding design, Kevin! With the cap rail and glass panels in place that will be excellent and meet the inspector's concerns, too. You pulled that off very nicely!

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that answers my question!

Bravo Kevin...the addition of wooden banisters will top it off, literally!
Bask in the glory of a job well done! SteelyJan38

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Wonderful work, I can't wait to see it with the glass! Lin

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Stephen Fitz-Gerald
This is marvelous!
You took it to the next level,BRAVO !

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Thanks folks, I'm happy with

Thanks folks,

I'm happy with how it turned out and the owners love it, both said it was their favorite/ most special part of the house which is saying a lot in a house like that.

The design idea was the husbands, inspired by a pair of the wife's earings. Really a privlage to be working for creative people.

The cap rail is about the biggest code will allow (in mahogany). the interesting parts of it go underneath the body of the jelly fish on a radius and are flanked by the tendrils, and, the wreath at the transition. It rises 21 3/4" while turning 180 deg. on a 2 1/8" radius... a booger to bend . That section of 1 1/2" x 1/4" bar isn't in the photo, the stair and tred folks have it to build on, but you can see the 1 1/2"x 3/8" that it screws onto.

I'm looking forward to seeing it with the glass also , and, have some left over tendrals( only used 127 of them) to play around with now. Think I'll spin one around somehow, like a barber shop pole, and see what it looks like.I always try to give myself a 'bad shop day' after a big project.