Dragonfy Mutilation!!!!

Dragonfy Mutilation!!!!

Well here it is ...a picture of the detruction of my work. I guess I needed to share this with you. I did start to rebuild this weekend but it was hard. I tried to salvage some componets .
This heap of metal made me feel as if I just miscarriaged on my studio floor....The glass insets managed to survive!!!! It's all a learning process...yet I can't wait to fly away to Europe soon! Janet

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Janet- let me say that one-

Janet- let me say that one- this kind of careless, blatant disregard for others property/work is part and parcel to why so many of us have become misanthropic. As to the second , I would applaud you for not only dealing with this issue as well as you have, but also for sharing this experience with the rest of us. I feel as though many of us chose metal or it chose us because in part of a sense of permanence. Well- that has been callously proven otherwise, but you remain steadfast and resolute and to be me that makes you someone to be admired.

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Janet- Just seeing this

Just seeing this picture breaks my heart and makes me feel so sad for you. I can only imagine what you must be feeling as you look at this. Please know that you have all the sympathies and support of your community here.

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It's like a crumpled up piece of paper thrown over their shoulder. What gross disregard for your creativity. Salvage what you can and try not to look at it anymore.
Thanks for sharing with us , I can't wait to see the replacements.

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Hi janet what a terrible

Hi janet what a terrible mess. Glad to hear you can salvage something from it all. When are you coming to Europe? Also Where abouts will you be visiting? If you find yourself in the North of England or nearby please drop me a line you are more than welcome to visit us at the workshop.

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Thank you Everyone!

It's so good to be able to let this out and release it.I know each one of you really understands how I am feeling. We have told some people who seem to think nothing of it!!!!
They should know how many hours I spent cleaning welds that nobody would even see....Anyway it's past...
Adrian I will be only in London for a 6 hour layover on my way to Croatia. I hope to take a train or something and at least see London, have some tea or something. Janet R.

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Hi janet, hope you enjoy

Hi janet, hope you enjoy your stay in London, i lived there for 5 years and i would definately recommend going to the V&A Museum in South Kensington, it has a fantastic Ironwork gallery (it was this gallery that actually inspired me to become a blacksmith) There is an Albert Paley bench as well as the Hereford cathedral screen. There are loads of fantastic examples of historic ironwork. There is also a lovely cafe there that does great tea and cake!!! So if you can fit in one visit this is the museum to go to.
Enjoy you trip

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It seems that when an object

It seems that when an object that is dear to us, comes to and abrupt change in our lives, the life gets sucked out of us. Even a piece of art.

I am glad that parts are salvageable. Have a great time on your trip.

Rick Sidebottom
Aspiring Metal Artist