Unity and Balance

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Unity and Balance

Here's a piece I finished a while ago, thought I'd see what ya think?

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Beatutiful work, man. I

Beautiful work, man. I love it.

Rick Crawford at Smoky Forge

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Outstanding Work

Grizz, that is just outstanding. You have many hours in it I know. I know someone that does that kind of work.
It takes lots of hours with hammer and tool to get that done.

You should be proud.


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That is absolutely amazing.

That is absolutely amazing. That is the kind of work I want to do when I grow up (53 years and still growing...).
Whenever I just about get the confidence to show some of my work here something like this shows up and I realize I need to wait a few more years.

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Rob, Don't be shy, we'd

Don't be shy, we'd love to see pics of yourwork, and it only helps you to grow.

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I really like your artwork.

I really like your artwork. I have been trying to learn similar skills but not there yet. I also like the frame. It looks like you burned and wire brushed it and left in the natural imperfections. A pleasing combination.

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Don, I watch for old

I watch for old beams and such to use for the frames of my repousse'. I usually just wire brush them to remove loose paint and bring out the grain and then seal it with linseed oil. Thanks for the comments.

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The reason for my comment is

The reason for my comment is I used to go camping, do a chainsaw sculpture, throw it into the campfire, put it out, wire brush it to create the highs and lows in the grain of the wood. Repeat as necessary. It is a way of speeding up what nature does for us. At home I use BBQ fluid to burn the wood. I think wood combined metal is a good combination, and I hope to learn more.

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beautiful piece, realy draws

beautiful piece, realy draws your eye through