flowers for Miami

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flowers for Miami

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I was just wondering if

I was just wondering if anybody had heard from you lately and then, bam, here you are with more of your great looking flowers. The piece looks amazing, I love the contrast between the bright colorful flowers and the stainless steel.

Hope all is well


Jake Balcom
Mettle Design
Lincoln, NE

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Jack Frost with a torch

Hi Giusseppe,
Beautiful work. It looks like something jack Frost would do if he used a torch.Very natural and nice to look at.

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Giusseppe, Nice work!


Nice work! Beautiful colors!

Jamie Santellano

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winter work

Glad you all like them ...... except for the initial experiments I didn't do much on these ...... this is what kept my assistant Ramsay warm through the winter....

Where to bend next ...

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This is really pretty. I

This is really pretty. I guess the color is done with just a torch? I need to get better at doing that, I always go a bit to far.