don't feel too bad Janet

don't feel too bad Janet

Don't feel too bad Janet .... imagine me in my forge after everyone has gone home and I have ten of these 6m high gates finished and ready for delivery in the morning.

Doing a routine check on the labels (there are five arches each a different size ) I realise that one gate is 35mm too wide due to a small detail in the stonework.

So, alone at about midnight I manipulate the gate onto tressles and proceed to slice the gate from top to bottom and remove 35 mm....weld everything back togethe, grind,sand,zinc coat and stain finish guys found me asleep on the forge floor in the morning and had no idea what I had done...

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Not much fun to have to do

Not much fun to have to do that, but that's what being a professional is all about - getting the job done RIGHT. Much less embarassing to be found asleep on the floor than to get to the site and find the panel doesn't fit, right?

I, of course, have never, ever mis-measured, mis-built or mis-figured anything. Yeah, right, don't I wish!

Nice looking work, Guiseppe.

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Thanks for the story!!!!

Hi Giuseppe,
I tried to post this last night but it wouldn't go through. I did have a better day in the studio yesterday.
My bird has been reworked and looks more like a large wading bird (heron,egret, ibis,)
Thank you for the story...been there. One night , when I had my wonderful Peruvian assistant,we stayed up until 3am to finish a project...but instead of being tired we ended up making some tea and stayed up reading the papers. Overload!!!
I love that gate??? I really must beg you for another picture. It's very medieval yet very contemporary. Beautiful!
I must see more! Janet R.

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I have searched for details but cannot find much is a detail from a similar project in the London Docklands .. corner detailCanary Wharf Railings1: corner detail sketch for canary wharf railingsCanary Wharf Railings2: sketch for canary wharf railings