orchids & lilies- different colour scheme

orchids & lilies- different colour scheme

playing with oxides

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again with the wow

glu pepsi
Just your normal totally inspiring everyday piece of wonderful. Could we please see a close up of those deep throated flowers? I've been chasing those. nice bit of whimsy. Always a pleasure to see what you're working on.

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I am working on two types of lily shapes ....
Later, I will post some metal images.lily-stamenlily-stamen

Where to bend next ... www.metalgarden.catorn lilytorn lily

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Rhino ?

Geo Pepsi,
These are some cool renderings, Has high tech come to the anvil? Looking forward to metal. I suspect a coiled up crescent shape edge welded, We shall wait to see. The flowers I've been pursuing are Morning Glories, 4 o'clocks or my passion The angels trumpet. Your thoughts? How's that metal flower garden of yours coming along? I have a pretty decent flower box full. Your garden is an inspiration. Pentas are clusters of tiny very deep flowers. Of course I'm in Flori da. We are in bloom here. Butterflies all over the place. It's camera time again..Gotta document the inspirations. More any time you can. Thanks Brad

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yes, I use rhino .... at last there is a beta version for mac so I don't have to mess with windows during the design stage but I have to use flamingo in windows for rendering as it is so easy from within rhino. I have hundreds of metal bitmaps which I use to coat the shapes for realism.

I still find corel the best to sketch in then I place a corel image in the background of rhino and proceed to forge the solids.
Most of the time I use sheets and solids and distort them the same as forging ... that way I sometimes get new ideas for forging.Especially tools for doing distortions with the press.

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Awesome rail rendering. And your post was just what I needed to go and get an invitation to test the Mac OSX version. I'm like a lil kid.......love that program. And thanks for your tip on sheets and solids w/distortion.......does lend itself to potential forgings that I may not have thought of.

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virtual forging

I am glad you are enjoying Wenatchee

I often play with 3d shapes when I am tired and the results are sometimes a nice surprise in the morning

bowl orchidbowl orchid

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Giusseppe, another wonderful

another wonderful design. And a great presentation rendering. What software do you use?
I can barely wait to see the metal.............and where you bend.......NEXT. :)

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hi Giusseppe very nice

hi Giusseppe

very nice design. looks like the blacksmithing of the fun kind to do.
I'm also wandering about youre choice of software. I'm using 3d studio max at the moment but it just doesn't work for me with organic shapes and curves. is this an aple program or something?

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damn -_- forgot to log in

damn -_-

forgot to log in again....

above is mine

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This one made me squeal with

This one made me squeal with excitement!!! More close up pictures please.

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I really like your design

I really like your design and rendering. Your organic forms always seem to have a very exotic almost unearthly feel. It's very original and inspiring. I can't wait to see what they look like forged out of stainless.


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updated rendering

here is a rendering using all real stainless surfaces Here is a typical opening for the panels