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Chris Wilson, sculptor

Chris Wilson is an artist working in Mixed media, Jewelry, Slate

Ebony silver & shell necklace (23k)Ebony silver & shell necklace
Amber and silver necklace. (15k)Silver and Amber neckace with nut netsuke head.
Pair of Puppet Necklaces, silver and shell;   bronze, pipestone and fossilized ivory RIGHT: Silver and shell;LEFT: Bronze, pipestone, kangaroo teeth and fossilized ivory
(ea 24k)"I tried to help but . . . " Bronze and bone 12"

Chris' work is based in a unique appreciation of found objects. Every once in a while something in her hand sparks some creative fantasy in her mind and she is driven to create the missing pieces of her dream. These marvelous assemblages are the result.

Chris Wilson, resume