The Bramble Bush
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If this is your first visit to the Bramble Bush, please take a moment and read the introduction written by Chris Ray, Bramble Bush Editor.

Two Shop Built Air Hammers Described

Follow Phyllis Broadhart and Bill as they compare their modifications to Ron Kinyon's air hammer plans.

"This baby really reciprocates like you wouldn't believe and the thrust of the strokes will make you sit up and take notice..."

 Soldering Closed Objects

"It didn't have a discernible hole anywhere, and my safety training, as Monnie points out, is that without a vent hole, things go boom"...

The Nature of Acetylene Explained

It only takes 15 psi (pounds per square inch) pressure to make the carbon and the hydrogen explosively disassociate (BOOM!). That is why the red area on the regulator."

 Fire Extinguishing Chemicals & What You Should Know About Them

"If, heaven forbid, you have a fire and have to use one on a person or animal you have to make sure the extinguisher you used goes with them to the hospital"...

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