Have you ever heard of Hephaistos? He is the Greek God of the forge and fire. Hephaistos is the same God which the Romans called "Vulcan." The Hephaistos magazine is a German professional metalsmithing periodical that is distributed in Germany and the US six times a year.

Following is a listing of the feature articles which have been translated and reprinted by the ArtMetal Project. You also shouldn't miss "Schaufenster" - literally show-window. A better translation in the context would be "showcase". It is Hephaistos's way of showing individual artists work.

Subscription info:

For North America: Helmut Hillenkamp's company, "Iron-To-Live-With" distributes this periodical in North America. The yearly rate $99.50 incl. shipping. Comes out bimonthly in German with a summary sheet in English and some translations on the net. A free sample issue is available by sending a written request to:

2873A Industrial Rd.
Santa Fe NM 87505

For all other locations: Cost is DM 150 plus DM 24 postage outside Germany (DM 18 postage in Germany) for 12 months (six issues).

Sudetenstrasse 74
82538 Geretsried

Tel: 08171/32501
Fax: 08171/80646

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