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The ArtMetal Exchange program has been set up to exchange educational information with other metal realted organizations so that you can enjoy portions of their respective periodicals. This section is always being updated and will continue to grow and bring you metalworking news from around the world. There are currently three organizations bringing information from their respective hard copy periodicals. Enjoy!

BABA, the British Artist Blacksmiths Association was formed in 1978 and exists to promote the highest standards of craftmanship and design among artist blacksmiths in the United Kingdom and throughout the world.

Hephaistos, a German professional metalsmithing periodical, is providing English translations of portions of their magazines exclusively on the Internet at ArtMetal.

Each and every event that we create has an effect on the entire cosmos. SkipJack Press launched a business to publish books about the metal arts and a few waves resulted. As other events occur more waves follow. waves is a newsletter to signal when the surf is up. We hope to create more waves and are looking for other books to publish - submit your manuscript!


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