Welding stainless wire


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Posted by Jeffrey Zachmann on February 10, 1998 at 00:50:19:

Hi Valerie,

I'm using a MIG welder to put together a stainless steel sculpture of 1/8" wire. Experimenting, in order to get enough penetration during the short bursts of welding, I've turned the voltage up, but get a lot of spatter, and the welds still tend to be not very deep and have alot of weld material. I was wondering if I used a thicker welding wire, (I am now using 0.24) perhaps 0.30, would I get better penetration or just more metal in the weld. I was thinking I might be able get more heat right away and not have to add as much metal. Am I way off base here? I'm pretty much self taught, and the people at the welding shop here in small town Minnesota aren't much help. Thanks, Jeff

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