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Posted by Dave on April 19, 19100 at 21:45:36:

Through various wheeling and dealing I have acquired an arc welder. It's made by N/W or National Farm Supply (that's whats on the front). It runs off my dryer socket. Anyway, I have no idea how to use it. More specifically, I know how it works, I've played around with it. I've welded some scrap together. I have some general questions however. On the front there are three plugs, low, high, and work. Work is my ground, but what is the difference between high and low. Which applications would determine that. How do I determine what range, and voltage to use? obviously it depends somewhat on the metal you are welding. There is a big handle on top that cranks it up to 225 or down to 40.

Right now I am fabricating a new bumper for my Scout II. I'm having moderate success in low range at 120. The metal is some kinda steel pipe. very heavy stuff we use to put cable in when we pass it under RR tracks. I It's sticking together nicely, but the welds are pathetic looking. A grinder and maybe some epoxy putty will smooth things out and I think it will look quite nice painted black.

Are there any Faqs on Basic arc welding? Libraries are out. I don't have time to get there. Buying books is something I'd rather not do in the age of "free" information. All available funds are sucked up by Scout Projects. :-) Also I wonder if you accidently burn a hole in what your welding, i.e. the pipe where I'm joing them together, can I use the welder to "fill in" any dips or crevasses? if so, how?

Thanks in advance...I can answer CATV/Stereo Related questions in return..that's what I do.

dave (raleigh, NC)

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