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Posted by James Binnion on September 14, 1998 at 11:37:36:

In Reply to: Topic:Working Titanium posted by Erik on September 11, 1998 at 18:57:12:

Most metal working techniques will work for Ti. One thing to remember is it has very poor thermal conductivity (you can heat a 4" strip to red hot on one end and hold it in your fingers at the other) this makes it very important to have very sharp tools and proper lubricant/coolant when working it or you will burn your tools up and ruin the cutting edges. Also do not dry grind it or allow the dust or shavings from grinding, cutting etc to collect as it is flammable and can catch fire. If you grind Ti and then were to grind steel at a later time you could have a very serious fire on your hands.

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