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Posted by Diane Buettner on August 26, 1998 at 21:11:27:

In Reply to: Re: Topic: Application of Silicon Bronze Coating to Steel Wire posted by Chris Ray on August 25, 1998 at 23:25:27:

Thank you Chris!

What I am doing is the "wash sort of thing" with the silicon bronze melted over the steel wire with a hand-held oxy-acetylene torch.

The course textured bronze coated surface is the look I want.

What I'm after is a way to automate this activity! I am involved with a line of commercial decorative "sculpture" where large quantities of such wire and rod are needed.

I am basically trying to duplicate my own motion while "bronzing" these rods with my torch....use the wire feed from a scrapped mig welder to feed the sil. bronze from a spool...acquire another similar feed mechanism to move the 1/8 rod or wire through the heat of a fixed torch nozzle. All these things are converging at the torch only I'm not moving the torch or holding the sil. bronze rod....I've set speed controls for both feed mechanisms....and the more I write the crazier this is beginning to sound!! No engineering background here!! Just a recurring daydream!! Any completely different processes that would give

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