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Posted by Chris Ray on August 12, 1997 at 10:12:15:

In Reply to: Topic:Increasing the work capability of your power hammer posted by Chris Ray on August 12, 1997 at 06:39:53:

Here's another technique I use when I want to modify or customize the way my air hammer works. If your unit draws it's air supply from an external compressor then here's an option to consider.

I have placed an additional air/oil regulator in line from the main regulater located on the supply line. (when I need a source of clean, dry and oiless air by the way, I draw it from the main line). Now I have a way of increasing or decreasing the initial air supply into the hammer unit itself. Most air cylinders used in the popular shop built hammers are designed to work at around eighty pounds psi.

Did you know you can increase that pressure without harm to one hundred fifty pounds or so? The rated power is substantially increased at that setting and most air cylinders are rated for even a higher duty than that, so there is still plenty of overhead for safety. Check your air hose rating though, this may be your weak link. More importantly, check the specification plate on your air cylinder for it's maximum rating.

Now the inverse of the above is true as well. You can decrease your main air supply downward for a lighter duty action if that might be more appropriate for the work on hand. My particular air cylinder will work just fine set at around sixty psi without stuttering or hesitation.

The advantages of doing things this way are twofold. First is power. Howevr when the air is boosted this draws down your reserve air in the compressor tank which causes the motor to kick in more often. Keep that in mind.

The second is the conservation of the reserve air in the compressor tank. That means when the operation you are working on is let's say either for light iron, or for finishishing, you may use the lower air setting to conserve wear and tear on your compressor.

Finally, you will have a certain power range centering around the air pressure setting you choose. Some air pedal valves are not quite as sensitive or as responsive as a good commericially built hammer so this is yet one more way to adjust the feel of your own unit, modified for the work at hand.

Chris Ray - the sculpture site

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