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Posted by Jesse Brennan on October 25, 19100 at 10:02:34:

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I think I would try to do this in several ways since the results are not totaly predictable (to me). Some things may not work or not work as well as other ways. When you experiment and can't do another one in the next day or so the learning curve is almost impossible to live through. Since I think you only cast once a year its best to be like the cowboy who jumps on his horse and rides off in ALL directions. You have lots of time to prepare and its fun to learn about different ways to do stuff. You seem to be able to pour enough metal at the HIP to try several things at once.

Brazing into established cast in grooves shouldn't be hard.

The iron out of the mold has a very well established tough black oxide ( at least my ceramic shell piece does).

surface. Brazing will require the grooves to be well cleaned out and fluxed to get copper or bronze adhesion. Copper wire in the pattern will probably be pretty well trapped whether it actualy melts or not. The copper melting point is much lower than molten iron but the cooling rate is pretty fast at the surface and it could work either way or a little of both. There is probably no oxide formation to hinder the binding whether it is a brazing thing or only mechanical or a little of both.

On the copper wire insertion thing you would want to leave the foam in and burn it out with the iron.. I have next to no experience with lost foam hopefully more in a few weeks.

Probably Bruce can add more of more value.


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