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Posted by Annette Heiberg on October 24, 19100 at 15:08:28:

In Reply to: Re: iron marble posted by Jesse Brennan on October 22, 19100 at 07:29:16:

Hi Jesse. Good to hear from you. The wire is a good idea. Mom wrapped wire around one of her pieces (don't remember if it was aluminum or iron -- probably aluminum, because it didn't melt.) and it worked nicely. On the piece I am working on, there would be flame shaped incisions that take up about half the surface area, and I want the entire finish to be very shiney and smooth when I am done (both the iron negative spaces and the copper images). So I think melting the copper in after the piece is poured will work better, so I can get the even surface I am looking for. Will I have a problem with the copper not "sticking" if I do it this way? I don't know enough about the chemistry involved. I'm still feeling a little iffy about whether I must do a core mold in order to preven gassing out. My preference would be to jam a bunch of wooden skewers (for venting) into the styrofoam before molding it up (2 part), then open it up, burn out the styrofoam; mold wash, etc. and reassemble. Are there problems with this?


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