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Posted by bruce paul fink on January 11, 1999 at 12:01:27:

In Reply to: Re: PATTERN WAX Formula posted by Summer on January 11, 1999 at 11:32:44:

RE: Surf Wax Formula question posted by Summer

Wow dat Mean Out Question (Difficult; intense man. Bus mah brain!) but Dry (dis no funny not da joke).

This may be the wrong Gangies (group) to be asking however.

First off which slick go (surf wax) are you using (yah, I know it's Da Kin)?

We mostly Haole (mainland and inland folks) hir so probably no figga but oh wow Fah-out.

It's probly safe to assume that the water temperatures you surf in are consistent from day to day but depending where you are season to season? An wot foam or curl?

If yo present wax is working so good u no need to hold ass (go so fast you need to etc.)

u probly no ask... so check out wit da Ichiban (numbah One) Gangy wot Huli Maka Huli (the ones wot come in so fast they do Dry-land wipeouts)

cause da no Kick Out (get off the board before you wipe or fall off, also relates kind of like quitting just before getting fired).

Other than that I never annalized the wax, do the board or slid the plank so could not really answer this. (Did loose a finger on a wood surface planer but that's another inland wax story.)

bruce paul fink (I also got a studio in Lanai, Hawaii, ha,

12th & Olapa at 'Dreams Come True' but me scuba man)

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