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Posted by Annette Heiberg on October 04, 19100 at 02:26:26:

Hi. I'm new to the board, and also fairly inexperienced in casting. The questions I have involve casting an iron "marble" about the size of a tennis ball, possibly a little larger. There will be shapes incised in the outer surface. Those shapes will be filled with copper (a drawer full of pipe fittings I found when I moved into my house) after I cast the piece.

Does a round shape require a core mold? Or can I just vent it all over to prevent gassing out?

Is it simpler to direct carve the outer surface (styrofoam which would be burned out of the sand mold with acetone before pouring) or simpler to get the undercutting I am guessing I need to "lock" the copper into place by using a core and then carving the inside of the shell mold?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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