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Posted by John Odom on September 20, 19100 at 21:12:25:

I have just been given 400 lbs each of:

1. A green peletized polyethylene filled wax. This was used in an injection molding machine that only melted it to "jelly" consistency and then forced it into the mold without ever fully liquifying the wax. I have used it melting and pouring by hand and it is useable that way.

2. slabs of a brown polystyrene filled wax. I have not tried this yet. There is 2,000 lbs more where this came from.

This is more than I need.

Anyone intersted is some sort of deal or trade?

John Odom in Chattanooga

See my page at: http://www.vol.com/~jodom/cast.htm

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