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Posted by Tom H. on September 17, 19100 at 11:39:43:

Im new to casting.All i have done so far is melt some aluminum to see if my furnace and set-up are workable.I am getting ready to sand cast some wheels for a machine im building.I am fuzzy on a few areas and hope someone can help.

1.For flux is reg. borax good?(if not where do i get some flux?)

2.How do i know when the aluminum is at optimum pouring temp without overcooking(if possible)the melt?

3.What is the thinnest area that aluminum will flow through without blocking up in my sand mould?

>>I am using old mag wheels for aluminum

Any help would be greatly appreciated.Please feel free to mail me at

PS>>If you have any electroplating questions please feel free to contact me also.

Many thanks

Tom H.

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