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Posted by David Harris on January 11, 1999 at 11:20:04:

Basic Pattern Wax Formula

18 Pounds Of Micro crystalline Wax

+ 3 Pounds Victory Brown

+ 2 Pounds Pure Bees Wax

This is a very versatile pattern wax which produces very little shrinkage. We have found this to be an excellent wax for patterns year round. It is rigid but not brittle, it produces no surface bubbles when used correctly. We recommend the following when slush casting a pattern:

Warm the mold, make the first pour at 218*,

the second pour at 200*,

the third pour at 190*,

the fourth pour at 185*.

This produces consistent patterns that are approximately 3/16 thick,

if you require a thinner pattern leave off the last pour. If you require a thicker pattern change the last pour temperature to 180*.

Light & Time Design Studio

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