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Posted by Lyle Landstrom on September 06, 19100 at 12:56:32:

In Reply to: V-12 Engine castings. Which alloy is better? posted by Tom Kay on September 03, 19100 at 09:31:23:

Both 319 and 356 are good heat treatable alloys. The 356 is a common alloy for reproduction Harley Davidson cases wheras the 319 alloy is what the HD factory uses. The 356 is heat treated to a T-6 condition ond the 319 usually to a T-6 or T-4 condition.

They both have silicon in them and therefore both really flow good. I think the 319 has some copper in it as well. I just got done casting my first Indian motorcycle reproduction cases so we're kinda on the same track here.

Pistons are good scrap because they are a heat treatable alloy and contain silicon. Usually they are die cast or forged. but the alloy is sandcastable. If your using lawnboy pistons, don't use any other lawnboy parts because alot of lawnboy stuff is magnesium such as the mower body and some engine cases. Most auto shops will give you old pistons.

I'd stick to a virgin alloy though. You can get 319 or 356 at Atlas metals in colorado. they will ship to you.

Are you degassing? If so how? I'm building a dry nitrogen bubbler and could use a little advice. There seems to be a bit of contradictory information out there.

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