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Posted by David Conway on August 29, 19100 at 14:01:28:

In Reply to: Has anyone made their own electric kiln? posted by Travis Larson on August 29, 19100 at 01:16:49:

Yes! It's possible! I have not made one myself, but I have David Gingery's book, "Lil Bertha", that covers in detail on how to make one. It's a small, 67 page, soft cover book that sells for $8.95. Gingery covers everything you need to know from the refractory cement to the kiln elements. It's worth every penny, and so are his other books (I get nothing from this, honest!) Go to:

and click on the Gingery books. they have loads of other great books also.

You can also go to Budget Casting Supply at:

They sell all the neccesary equipment that you would need to build the furnace as well as a lot of other foundry supplies. this is handy for those that don't have access to a larger city to find some of this stuff.

Say, am I the only one responding to this stuff? It seems like a lot of people are on vacation. A little input from everyone would be greatly appreciated. Everybody's opinion counts and is extremely helpful. This is a great site and has been a great help, but it will only remain so if everyone participates. I only mention this because I noticed a drop in responses lately.

I realize that some questions could easily be answered if people took the time to search the database or the internet more thouroughly, and can understand ignoring those. perhaps the administrator could delete the more obvious questions or direct them elswhere on the site for answers.

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