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Posted by David E. Conway on August 24, 19100 at 10:19:26:

In Reply to: Investment casting -what book gives the most information posted by Aaron West on August 22, 19100 at 22:16:43:

The best book I can recommend is "From Clay to Bronze" by Tuck Langland. It was just published in 1999, and was especially written for those who are contemplating casting their own bronzes. It sells for $29.95 (softcover, but worth every penny), and I picked up my copy at Borders. It is nicely illustrated with many color photographs.

Langland covers both shell and investment molds, with an emphasis on the investment molds (his preference) and takes you step-by-step through the entire process, right up to marketing your work. He also lists many suppliers in the back of the book, along with an extensive bibliography. This is a "must have" book for those contemplating bronze casting using investment molds. Langland is a sculptor and professor at Indiana University at South Bend.

Another good book is "Methods For Modern Sculptors" by Ronald Young & Robert Fennell as previously mentioned by Jesse. It is still in print but deals mostly with ceramic shell casting. There is still, however, much useful information.

There is also a monthly magazine devoted to casting called The "Art Foundry Journal." They deal with both ceramic and investment matters. They have a website at

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