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Posted by Jesse Brennan on August 23, 19100 at 08:57:30:

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go to:

This the site of Ron Young who is the art casting Guru on ceramic shell.

his book is "Methods for modern sculptors"

this IS where you start . book is a little old, just ignore the ethyl silicates.

I have bought 4 of these over just the past few years- they boil away.

Also go to:

You will see Johnson Atelier get their catalog and dream about their classes.

There is other stuff here is and it is art oriented but a part is a part is a part.

Two books that I think are pretty interesting are published in the UK


"Lost Wax Casting" Wilbert Feiberg ISBN 0 903031 88 4

This book is a low tech manual developed by a British group maybe like the US Peace Corps.

It will help take some mystique out of the process since it applies to actual processes taken into the third world . These practices will greatly resemble the origin of the method thousands of years ago- with a few modern additions. Includes use of Native waxes +

"Metal Casting--Appropriate technology for the small foundry" Steve Hurst ISBN 1 85339 197 2

Same group Same effort to third world but broader coverage including

Ceramic shell applications. "Better than Ammen"

Check Amazon I got one from them, the other I got from England .

they may be slow to get.

beginners my get some help at these websites:


These are just a few off my bookmarks list- no particular reason to post


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