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Posted by Lyle Landstrom on August 22, 19100 at 10:00:33:

In Reply to: Cupola Furnaces posted by Chris K. on August 19, 19100 at 03:25:22:

I've never built one myself but I've seen 4 different homemade ones in operation. They were about 12 - 16" dia. One was getting 100 lbs of iron every 10 minutes. they are surprisingly simple in operation and look pretty easy to build. Or at least, not much harder than a crucible furnace. If i were you, I'd go to one of the Iron Pours around the country and see how they work and how they are build. the next one I know of is October 16th at MSU (Moorhead State University). You can log onto a site and get on a mailing list. personally, I'm going to change the burner/blower design on my crucible furnace to adapt it to higher temps. The main drawback with cupola furnaces that I can see is not being able to control the carbon content.

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