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Posted by harry on August 18, 19100 at 11:45:58:

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Yes when I too lived in american, now israel, I got my bronze from them. No I am not mouring in to the molds and yess I know and use smooth on , but here the cost is double what I pais in the states. The hot melt I asked about is used by the other foundrys here, it cost about 1$ a kio and for moured mold it works rather well. I have a small one man operation, pour about 2-10 pieces a week demending on what they require and just how hard I can work.. Bronze here is I do not know what, yes I flus, yes I check my heat and watch my air/gas ratio the best I can, but I still get pinholes and at times I itch so bad from the dust when I cut and sand the pieces I can hardly stand it. But the other foundrys seem to be in the same boat, but they have cheap labor which gets paid less than 500$ a month, so they use them up.. I do know a few casters here that do use copper and silica mixed in to make their own casting bronze, and it looks ok, . My learning curve here is survivial, and its tough for some are casting pieces well over 30 inches tall for 85$. and they do a ok job. I have my days, and some fun, but I earn it.. What is the nitric acid test you spoke of and how do I do it? thanks alot harry

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