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Posted by Lyle Landstrom on August 14, 19100 at 16:12:09:

Just got back from the Herman Iron Pour in Minnesota which I'd reccommend to anyone.

There were 4 cupola furnaces set up getting up to 100 lbs of iron every 10 minutes. I was impressed although it's way more iron than I'd ever need. Which brings me to this question:

Would it be possible to melt iron in a propane fueled crucible furnace if you stuffed coke around the crucible, fired up with the propane, after the coke was lit, turn off the gas and keep the air up? The only disadvantage I can see is that there's not as many tuyers in a crucible furnace. But the possible advantages are many. Such as being able to control the carbon content of your melt and not messing around with a cupola which is at least a two man operation.

Anyone try it? I've melted small amounts in my crucible furnace without coke but it takes so dang long to get a heat.

PS there's another Iron Pour in Minnesota coming up October 16th at Moorhead State University.

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