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Posted by Ryan Wood on August 03, 19100 at 22:55:32:

In Reply to: Re: Burners posted by Jesse Brennan on August 03, 19100 at 07:01:58:

I highly recommend building a Reil burner. I had a lot of trouble finding coal in small amounts, and charcoal is too expensive. I was afraid that building a gas burner would be too complicated until I discovered Ron Reil's design. I can't believe how easy & inexpensive it was. Unless you buy a flared nozzle from his web page or have the skills to do it yourself I would build the EZ-burner described on his page which will easily melt 6#'s of aluminum in about 20 minutes. I'm only 21 so I'm really just getting my feet wet with metalworking and hobby casting, so if I can build this burner successfully anyone can. Gas is without a doubt the way to go, if I had known this from the start I would never have even considered coal or charcoal. You can use the EZ-burner without a blower if you have a high pressure regulator, or you can just use a bigger jet hole and add a blower. Either way it works very well. Good luck, I hope this helped. Ryan Wood P.S. this is the best casting site on the net I've learned a lot from this place.

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