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Posted by bpfink on July 22, 19100 at 08:14:02:

In Reply to: Re: coring lead posted by ruth on July 21, 19100 at 05:09:51:

OHhhhhh The lead balloon pun ploy!

Well you certainly don't want to get into the time and experimentation and discovery of these trials and perfections to just do a lead pun. Guess I missed the original intent completely but we do get a lot of posts that ask about things where the writer has no knowledge of the other possibilites so off I/we went.

Sorry, couldn't see the tree for the forest.

I don't supposed you will be wanting to get into any mass production for the lead pun schtick so enjoy, enjoy, and stick to coring (and might as well leave that inside also since cutting down on the weight is a counter move).

Seriously though (if possible at this point).

You may want to quietly sneak a little antimony into the lead to give it a much harder surface that will scratch less. Of course to be honest you would have to change that caption to be

"As heavy as a lead alloy balloon"


Enough of this chatter--------Time to start the weekend and go dancing.


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