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Posted by bpfink on July 20, 19100 at 08:00:42:

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12 inch diameter balloon casts huh ?

Don't have any experience with that larger size as a slush cast in metals but here are some thoughts to help you decide.

First if the walls of the item have any 'tooth' or less than slick surface it should be more successful.

If the metal is straight lead, it is one of the heavier metals that will want to drop away from the mold walls as it cools and is either pored back out or rotated around in a closed mold so can you lighten that weight by going to a lighter alloy? Tin of course is expensive but if added to the lead may make quite a difference. It then gets to be more in the area of german pewter than lead but ... if it makes the difference in working vs. not...

I think personally if I had this challenge I would go to a roto type four axel fame for the mold and do the specified measure pour into a closed mold.

This does not mean a major buying expense as the only option, you can make one with 4 bearings and two circular welded tube framing and a very small motor or two and about 8 ounces of moxie.

Good luck and do keep us posted.






MOXIE (mak'se) n. to figure out how to do something you have little experience with but know there is a definite way.

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