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Posted by Dave on July 18, 19100 at 13:06:20:

I've been casting (small-scale) with petro-bond for about fifteen years now, and still can't separate fact from fiction. For example, about half of the folks I talk to say that a small concrete mixer makes an adequate muller for small batches. The other 50% say that a mixer is totally unsuitable, and that a bona-fide muller is the only tool for the job. Does anyone know of a reliable and inexpensive means of mulling small batches of sand?

FWIW, I've always been the "manual" type (direct drive turntables, manual transmission cars, etc.), and therefore have only ever mulled by hand. My technique (if you can call it that) is to bust up the "spent" sand by hand (into something like a 5 gal. bucket), sprinkle in some petro oil, and knead it together in the obvious manner. If I want to go high-tech I'll use a large hand drill with a heavy duty paint mixer, but hand kneading seems the best way. I riddle the sand several times during the process to assure an even distribution of oil, and when it starts behaving like good foundry sand, I seal it in an air-tight container and go get a beer. Despite all the fun, I would love to know if there is a faster, more reliable way of mulling my sand (without spending a bundle at Mifco). Thanks.

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