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Posted by bpfink on July 11, 19100 at 22:01:08:

In Reply to: crucible lining posted by Ryan Wood on July 11, 19100 at 20:25:11:

I'll be watching this for other answers with any specifics, but why do you want to do this?

A new graphite crucible is so cheap compared to the time and materials you will need, unless you are talking of a really major size. There are commercial crucible lining materials out there for such but I personally have never even tried to follow that route. I had assumed they were more for when pouring bronzes, etc.????

I assume you are going to be melting the metal in another crucible to carry or transport in this lined unit? or to melt it via a top flame? but probably not with a side heat source that could deteriorate the steel?

I have a straight steel crucible that holds about 1000 lb of aluminum and was used to melt down engine blocks as well as any other scrap but it was a tilt furnace so it poured directly from the site when ready. Never lined it with anything (the walls on it are about 1/2 inch thick) and it worked well by pouring the metal down a thin steel sheet trough to the investment cup (which was also oversized so it acted like a funnel). This one was heated from below through the steel walls.

I never detected any contamination metal problems with it so never thought of lining it.


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