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Posted by joew on June 12, 19100 at 21:26:42:

In Reply to: Re: artmetal posting errors / searching forums posted by enrique on June 10, 19100 at 15:48:52:


Thanks for the quick response. For what its worth, there's another problem that you didn't mention .. the posted messages are difficult to access.

For instance, if i click on 'Aluminum&pot metal melting problems - Ryan Wood 6/04/100 (5)' [near the top of the list], the message that is returned is :

' How can i make a ceramic shell mold for investment casting oif turbine blades? posted by M.R ELLIYYOUN on

May 04, 19100 at 05:52:23: '
I suppose this could be only a problem with my computer, but i have a feeling that others may also experience this.

Anyhow, it's no big deal and i'm pretty sure you are doing what you can do to fix things.

Once again, best of luck ;-)

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