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Posted by bpfink on December 24, 1998 at 17:48:08:

In Reply to: Spraying Metal/Metalizing /Process info posted by Jerome LaFreniere on December 24, 1998 at 16:56:34:

HOT STUFF Jerome...

I'm real happy for you. It's going to be fun.

What kind of rig is it and what accessories came with it to hold the wire spool and straighten it, or to control and monitor the gases, or to adjust the rate of speed? etc. Fill

us in on more details. I am not familiar with the arc type gun so will need help from others here as mine have always been of the oxy / acet or oxy / mapp gas variety.

Would love to tell you more about my uses and experiments with it though as both direct spraying as well as full scale (8 ft. x 9 ft wide / 4 panel doors) were done as lost wax / open mold systems. Then the panels were cut apart after the spray and backup structure was in place.

This has been my favorite for real control and quality.

The 'lost' wax system here is a bit of a misnomer since I remove the wax with a steam cleaner or flow of very hot water and therefore save or 'find' all of it with no 'loss'. Economically practical also. The molds (50% plaster / 50% sand) have no need to be burned out since a week in the hot sun is adequate. I used a flatbed truck body table (home made minus the cab, etc. so it ran on the starter motor and a single 12 volt battery) to drive the large open molds in and out of the studio in case of rain. These molds were for full double or four panel doors so they could weigh about 2000 lb. and up per side depending on depth of modeling.

Since you can spray almost any metal found in a wire form some choice control of metals layered up is necessary. I push

for permanency and have found some combinations that may look great but could be really self destruct batteries, etc.

I have a full set of process photos on file somewhere used for demonstration talks and will make a note to locate that for a later response

Good show and good luck

(this shows the 6 ft dia. rolling door on my home that is sprayed in bronze):

bruce paul fink

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