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Posted by enrique on June 10, 19100 at 15:48:52:

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I know that the forums are acting up a little with y2k, but it's not a real bad thing. The worst part is using 100 for the year instead of 2000. I did notice the newer responses to old messages being posted in the same place as the older message.

The program is suppose to rearrange messages which have been updated with responses, and it looks like this is not happening. I will be upgrading the forums in the near future with a new interface, but for now, we will have to put up with this nuance.

The content of the forums is still accessible. In fact, you can now search the Bramblebush, including the forums by entering a search term in the applicable section of the search page here at

Simply go to

Thank you for making me aware of the y2k problem in the forums.

enrique - ArtMetal founder/director

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