want to use cast (unknown) metal stove as forge


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Posted by steve king on May 10, 19100 at 15:05:46:


I have an small cast metal stove of asian origin and would like to use it as a forge to anneal and harden tool steel (temps up to about 2000F). I plan to use coal or charcoal as fuel with a hair drier as an forced air supply. I have no idea what metal was used for the stove and am worried that it might fail or even meltdown. From what I can tell, it was cast in course sand. It has an aluminum like finish - about the color of aluminum paint and is very course in texture. Obvioulsy done very cheaply. I have seen similar-looking castings on old desktop lamps and possibly in the manifold pipes of a seventies model suburu.

Can anybody identify this material (I don't know the first thing about casting) and take a stab at the temps it might withstand?


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