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Posted by Jerome LaFreniere on December 24, 1998 at 16:56:34:

I just ran across some info by bpfink about metalizing while I was looking around on the net. I look in on the Art Metal Forum from time to time, but never saw this information before. I just picked up an Arc Spray machine(less the power source) for $150.00 and I'm really excited about it, since I have wanted one for about twenty years. I used to do a lot of electroforming in the late 70s, (which was /is a pretty cool process) but was rather messy and the size limitations were always a pain.

I feel that this new machine can really give me an edge on the other metal sculpture people on the West Coast. I live close to Lake Tahoe and would really like to tap into some higher dollar (doors, gates,or?)

I would really be interested in any information you might be willing to share about metalizing non-metallic surfaces, what type of things you have found that are good sellers, etc. Any good books that you have found about decorative uses for this process? Hopefully I can get this thing powered for not too much and make some cool stuff.

Jerome LaFreniere Reno,NV


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