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Posted by joew on May 02, 19100 at 18:16:54:

In Reply to: Latex rubber glue posted by William Boyer on April 30, 19100 at 17:45:58:

There may be other things you can use, but one i am pretty sure will work is not exactly a 'glue'. Devcon makes a flexible urethane compound which adheres to almost anything. It is called Devcon Flexane.

One popular application is to use the thicker 'brushable' form, and paint it onto a surface that needs a rubber-like cushion, for various needs. Flexane also comes in a pourable liquid for forming molds.

In my experience, without a mold release of vaseline or similar, this stuff is practically permanant, since it resists just about everything but high heat or strong acids.

Your application requires the bonding of a stretchable rubber with a hard stiff plastic, and for this reason i suggest a flexible bond.

As far as i know, Flexane is available by the pound, and includes a catalyst.. 24 hours demolding time, 7 days full cure. Accelerator is available.

Grainger [] has it.

Why you choose to bond latex rubber to PVC is a mystery, but best of luck with this project :)

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