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Posted by Lyle Landstrom on April 14, 19100 at 21:14:49:

In Reply to: Re: Petro bond sand posted by Jack Fisher on April 10, 19100 at 10:33:43:

You can get the petrobond binder at Smith-Sharp Co. in Minneapolis. It's about $80.00 for a fifty lb bag. You can get premixed petrobond from IASCO or Budget Casting Supply or a multitude of other outfits.

You need a muller to mix it from scratch. A cement or mortar mixer will not work. Use straight weight non detergent oil and use alchohol for a catylist. Go to to see what a muller looks like.

I use 6 lbs petrobond per 100 lbs of 125 fineness sand, about 2 qts of 30 or 40 weight oil and 8 ozs. of alchohol.

You can use graphite or iron oxide as a binder too but the petrobond works better.

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