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Posted by Matthew Wood on April 13, 19100 at 05:35:56:

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Try the mixture of the following according to the book I'm reading "Metel Casting" By Steve Hurst (an english blok) There are two recipies in metric ratio's there not exact but you can add more oil if it doesn't hold or if it's too sticky add some silica sand, It should be similer to brown surger in consistency but not sticky.

1. Silica Sand 50kg.

Starch 1kg

Vegetable Oil 2kg

Water .5litre (or less)

2. Silica sand(dry) 60kg

Water 1 litre

Dextrin 1kg

linseed oil .5 litre

I'm sure that if you use similer ratio's than you could make more or less, like cooking.


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