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Posted by Jack Fisher on April 10, 19100 at 09:32:43:

In Reply to: Aluminum shrinkage? posted by Jack Fisher on April 09, 19100 at 17:30:12:

I thought the brief mention of my pending project would spark a little interest. The purpose of the Tank project is to fill an enormous amount of free time I have on my hands since my divorce as well as give me an opportunity to learn some new skills such as metallurgy, foundry, hydraulics, electronics, machinery operation, welding, as well as some others I'm sure to come across.

The project in question is a 1/4 scale German King Tiger Two tank modeled after the one in the Patton Armor museum in Kentucky. The real thing is huge!! The finished size should be about 72"L x 36"W x 25"H not counting the gun, the total weight may be as much as 2000lbs. This will be radio controlled gas powered and will be as close a replica as I can produce. The tracks in question have to be cast out of aluminum because I want to do as much of the project my self as possible and for weight reasons AL will be the most practical. As it stands, the combined weight of both tracks is approaching 350 lbs with related linking pins . The terrain the tank will be run on will should not wear the tracks down significantly.

1% shrinkage is not much, but at this scale it may have to be figured in. I'll have to do some tests, but there is enough play and tolerance in the link interaction that it may not factor at all.

My plan is to construct a web site documenting the whole process over the next (however long) it may take. When I get the site up I'll post a link here to let you all know.

Thanks again for all of the help. Since I've discovered this forum I've learned much and hope to continue learning and passing alone what I learn as I get further into this project.

Jack Fisher

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