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Posted by bpfink on April 10, 19100 at 08:13:48:

In Reply to: Aluminum shrinkage? posted by Jack Fisher on April 09, 19100 at 17:30:12:

Technically the shrinkage of aluminum will not be as high as 10% That would be too much for it to be a viable casting metal with any strength left over when it cooled. Maybe someone with a good shrink chart will have an answer as each alloy will have a different rate though they may be so close you need not worry about that.

I have no idea what real stresses and wear a tank track link will go through or need, were they originally made of aluminum?

I drive a 1946 White Truck Half Track which of course has track links also and I'm quite sure aluminum would not hold up on these at all. Yours may have a very different configuration but this one takes major wear abuse and are a hardened steel to start. I use it in the woods off road on a regular basis for lumbering, firewood and moving my equipment and storage components so the mud and sand and standard wear is very rough on them. Even the drive sprockets are showing wear (of course it is now 54 years old but the rubber treads with encased links have been replaced once).

I wonder what the rest of your story is. Is this to be for parade show or museum viewing or real function in which case I would look for a much stronger casting metal? Some bronze alloys may fit this class much better.

Keep us posted, love the diversity of this place.

(If it is for a real function, what are you planning to conquer or protect and from what??? We only fire potatoes from our PVC simulated launcher using hair spray and a bic sparker as the propellant.)


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