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Posted by Ryan Wood on April 10, 19100 at 00:49:58:

I am just getting started in metal casting and i love the possibilities that this process opens up. I would like to get a hold of some petro bonded mix but i can't seem to find anyone willing to sell it without the sand. I can't afford to pay the shipping costs for the pre-mix. I live in southern West Virginia

and I have not been able to locate any foundries in the surrounding area. My father was a self employed mason worker for a number of years and has an old cement mixer that still works. Does anyone know if such a mixer would sufficiently mix the petro bond sand? It has 40-50 gallon barrel and churns the media with a big rotating paddle. Also it would be a great help if someone knows where to buy a small quantity of petro bond ingredients, enough to mix about 100lbs of sand. I thought that i read somewhere on the internet that you could use crushed pumice and baby oil to bond sand. I have also heard of people using motor oil but they didn't mention the other ingredients.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ryan Wood

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