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Posted by Jesse Brennan on March 24, 19100 at 07:34:05:

In Reply to: Inexpensive 2 Piece Die for Aluminium Casting posted by Ben Mann on March 24, 19100 at 00:43:37:

Plaster molds are fairly widely used to make one offs or relatively short runs of parts in zinc and aluminum alloys.

It is used to parts like die castings where a metal die cost isn't always justified. The molds are made from reuseable patterns but the molds are one time only. The molds need baking before use.

I have reused plaster molds for pewter but aluminum is too hot to allow mold recovery.

Start looking at:

There was at one time a trade association for plaster mold casting in the US at one time at least. The Plaster Mold Casting Association. The published a small handbook in 1983 but I couldn't find the assn when i went looking for them a while back. Found the book in a used bookstore so I have it.


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