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Posted by Gene Olson on August 18, 1998 at 16:58:41:

In Reply to: bronze patinas: health risks? posted by sue on August 17, 1998 at 10:48:19:

Posted by sue on August 17, 1998

hi, i hope someone can advise me about the health risks involved in handling bronze patinas. i'm working for a company that makes bronze statues for awards etc, and am not familiar with this medium. are rubber gloves and a dust mask sufficient protection?

Rubber gloves are a start. You almost certainly should have an acid vapor rated dust fume mask. I believe they are color coded pink, 3M make a dual rated acid/organic vapor mask that is coded yellow and should be readily available, both as disposable units and cartridge systems.

and what are the potential hazzards?

As Chris noted, this depends on the chemicals. Some are real bad especially on long term exposure.

There is a good probablitity that the blackening/browning agent you use may contain selenium which is a trace mineral, and nutrient. To little or too much can cause miscarriage. Be Careful!

Your employer is supposed to maintain a file of "material data safety sheets" that you can access. Sounds like he lost those along with his integrity.

If you are experiencing discomfort there is something wrong. Could be acid vapor, rots your lungs.

I agree with Chris, quit if you can afford it.

If you can't, go get some acid rated gloves and an acid rated mask for a starter, and then start looking for a better job.

The Url is for a site in the fisheries dept that has an index of safety data sites.


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